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Garage delle Terme is located within the ZTL (Limited Traffic Zone) in an easily accessible location for quick access to the center of Florence with your vehicle.

To access our garage you should follow the path shown on the page HOW TO REACH US. You will come to our garage without taking fines.

We will take any necessary steps to transit removing your plate from the access logs of the City of Florence.

- Garage delle Terme will remove your access just in case you have gone through one of the gates telematic indicated in our instructions "HOW TO REACH US"
- Garage delle Terme will remove your access only if access to port telematics be carried out not more than three hours before your arrival in the garage.



No fines for our customers

What are referred to as Restricted Traffic Zones (or ZTLs) refer to areas of the city, access to which is restricted to motor vehicle, except for specific categories of users and vehicles (such as residents and clients of hotels and private and/or public garages like ours).

These times may change according to local provisions or special events or occasions. According to order 2011/M/04921 regulating ZTLs for controls by the local police force within a ZTL, you need merely tell them that you are heading for our car park and access cannot be prohibited, with no need to show permits or reservations.

Having reached our garage, which is in fact within a ZTL, our staff will electronically transmit the vehicle license plate to obtain a temporary permit to travel as necessary to reach our garage.

This authorisation, which is liable for payment as from 1st December 2011 but which in any case included in our tariffs, is valid from two hours previous to the time we specify as the start of the stay.

For information on the electronic gates you can visit the official website of the City of Florence.